Gemma Lee



Gemma Lee’s work has impact. It’s the sort of impact that happens when worlds collide, when fashion, music, art and film are filtered through the one unique perspective. Gemma’s visuals are what first get your attention, a striking aesthetic that is both beautiful and authentic. However, there is also an unmistakable craft to her filmmaking that extends beyond pretty pictures. It’s an intuitive understanding of film as a visual storytelling medium, where attention to detail and emotionally driven performances are key.

There is nothing artificial about her work, it’s grounded in reality- but a reality that is captured through a cinematic lens. That’s what makes her work so accessible, so broadly appealing. She takes the ordinary world and finds the beauty in it. It took Gemma years of honing her craft as a multi-disciplined artist to apply such a deft and creative hand to her work and it’s this background that makes her approach so universal and enduring.

Gemma is currently based out of Australia and LA.